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Sep 5, 2022

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Current Specials

JVJ Lawn Care Packages And Specials

All package prices shown DO NOT include discount package pricing. Packages must be purchased by 5/13/22 to receive discount! Individual services are also available HERE 

JVJ Weekly Lawn Care Package | (Call for a quote)

Includes sprinkler activation, aeration, fertilizer, weekly mowing, trimming and edging, and fall sprinkler blowout!

Expires 4/22/2022. New customers only. Some restrictions apply.


Monthly Weed Control Package 10% OFF!  | (Starts at $405)

1 Application of Bed and Boarder Pre-Emergent (Early Spring)

This application of pre-emergent is applied to all landscaping that isn’t turf. It is designed to limit weed growth in rock, mulch, and dirt areas in your landscape. It is the most effective way to reduce weed growth outside of your lawn in the growing season.

Post Emergent Weed Control (Monthly, May-Sept)

Applications of pre-emergent on your lawn and landscaping will inhibit the emergence of weeds but more weeds will always be sure to come. Regular post emergent service is the best way to control weeds after an initial pre-emergent application. Our monthly weed service will kill and control weeds on lawn and landscaped areas using herbicides best matched to your property and the weeds that grow there.


Spring 3 Application Package 10% OFF!  | (Starts at $270)

Our spring three application includes a mechanical core aeration, overseeding with a blend of native turf grasses to match your lawn, and a spring fertilization.

JVJ Base Fertilizer Package 5% OFF!  | (Starts at $165)

First Application:

Our spring fertilizer includes an improved pre-emergent weed control with a steady 90 day release nutrient technology. This application will help promote steady consistent growth and stronger greener grass.  

Second Application:

Our summer fertilizer is the perfect blend of control release nutrients and a wetting agent that are slowly delivered over 90 days after application. The wetting agent helps break and disperse H2O bonds so that the soil and turf can absorb and contain water faster and longer. 

Third Application:

Our fall fertilizer contains iron and humates to help your grass stay greener longer in the fall and grow back stronger in the spring. The nutrients included in the fall application help promote the cellular structure of grass and help your lawn grow back greener, healthier, and earlier in the spring.


JVJ Pro Fertilizer Package 15% OFF!  | (Starts at $485)

The Pro Package is our way of delivering what we (the owners of JVJ, and the top experts in turf, and the neighbor you are envious of down the street) are doing extra to create ballpark-like residential lawns. This package has been designed specifically for lawns in our service area and will be tailored fit to your lawn and its needs.

The Pro Package adds two additional soil amendments alongside our three application base fertilizer program to deliver five total applications. The tow extra applications are explained below. Together they form the necessary parts to create a better-looking lawn now, and an improved base for the future. 

Soil amendment is vital to the health of a lawn. Grass is the most cultivated plant in the United States. However, the soil underneath is often neglected. The soil below the turf is just as important as the soil in a garden. It is necessary to have proper aeration, chemistry, healthy biome, and water penetration

Our Pro Package includes products and treatments that help to improve your soil to optimize grass growth. Starting with the first application, and over time, your soil will change to an ecosystem designed for a healthy green lawn. 

First Soil Amendment Application (Biochar Top Dressing)

The first application is a soil top dressing that might at first seem out of place from traditional fertilizing. However, when delivered in soil form, rather than in granular pellets it starts to improve the composition on your soil rather than adding the standard chemicals of fertilizers. This application will help reduce water needs, improve pH levels, improve aeration, limit soil compaction and erosion, increase nutrient uptake, and improve soil biology.

Second Soil Amendment Application (Microbe and Wetting Agent)

The second Pro Package application includes microbes to improve soil biology and a wetting agent to help with late season heat and drought. Adding microbes to soil is like adding worms to the soil of a garden. This application not only contains microbes but also a complex combination of soil and plant amending ingredients, critical enzymes, and microbial food sources. This treatment helps to improve the organic composition in soil to help the breakdown of thatch and other organic matter, improve root growth, enhance drought and disease resistance to create a full circle of healthy plant life. 


Sprinkler Activation (residential customers)  

$85 Up to 6 zones (Additional zones = $10 each)

Includes turning on water, programming clock, running each zone and performing minor adjustments.

Repairs & Major adjustments are extra.


Sprinkler Activation (commercial customers) 

$120 Up to 6 zones (Additional zones = $15 each)

Includes turning on water, programming clock, running each zone and performing minor adjustments.

Repairs & Major adjustments are extra. 


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