Jan 15, 2020

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How To Tell If I Need a Lawn Fertilizer Service

How To Tell If I Need a Lawn Fertilizer Service

Lawn Fertilizer

Let’s face it — most people don’t like to talk about fertilizer. It’s not a fun, pretty topic, but when it comes to lawn care, it can make a world of difference. As we continue on through the winter, the promise of Spring is right around the corner, and many of us are thinking ahead to the state of our gardens and grass.

Will your lawn need special attention this year as we leave these colder months? If so, you may benefit from a lawn fertilizer service.

What Does Lawn Fertilizer Do?

Fertilizer helps keep your turf bright, growing healthy, looking great, and weed-free. There are many myths surrounding lawn fertilizer, and it’s not always seen as a service that everyone should use for their yard. However, we firmly believe in the benefits of this, and aim to end the misconstrued preconceptions about this practice.

A regular feeding schedule for your lawn is important to avoid starving it of the minerals and nutrients it needs to grow in beautifully and also to avoid overfeeding, allowing weeds and ugly growth spurts from wrecking your hard work. Fertilizer can be administered in different ways, depending on the type you choose to use for your turf.

Using the right tools for spreading your fertilizer is also important to avoid uneven spreading. Because of this, hiring a professional to handle the feeding process is the best way to get the best results. Like anything else, having someone experienced and trained will provide the most beautiful growth!

Do I Need Lawn Fertilizer Services?

You can usually tell when your lawn needs a little extra shove in the right direction. Usually, the sunshine and rain is plenty to keep our grass looking great, but after a long winter or some rough weather like we’ve been having in Denver, it can be essential to get some help. Our services are designed for varying levels of disaster.

Brown patches, poor grass growth, discoloration, or weed-choked ground are signs that you need some help. Fertilizer will take care of a lot of these issues, and it’s an affordable way to get started on having a beautiful lawn.

You should also ensure you have a proper irrigation system in place. At JVJ Lawncare, we do offer sprinkler services and repairs, but it goes much further than that, too! Some of the other lawn care services we offer include:

  • Mowing
  • Power raking
  • Aeration
  • Weekly care packages & tiers

Where To Find The Best Lawn Fertilizer Service

At JVJ Lawncare, we handle a lot of common issues that many lawns have, including the need for fertilizer. Our prices are low, beginning at just $45 for a single application, and builds from there. Plus, you can get access to our many other services, all designed to keep your yard looking fresh, green, and beautiful! Consider us the next time you need a breath of life returned to your lawn and garden, especially this Spring and Summer! We’re excited to get talking!

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