Aug 22, 2021

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Tips for Combating Weeds

We all know the enemy of any lawn, garden, or landscaping project. We all have dealt with these little demons far too many times, and we all know the struggle of finding a successful way to conquer to villain and return to pristine beauty.

The source of our stress? Weeds. Those little buggers!

You know the pain. That’s why you need to pick up a few of these 4 helpful, sneaky tricks for combating the weed growth that keeps coming back again and again. Ready to get back to the pure beauty of your lawn and garden?

4 Tips For Combating The Weedy Enemy

We all know the best way to combat weeds and keep up with lawn care is by using excellent lawn fertilization and weed control services, but there are a few things you can do yourself to support their assistance. It’s always recommended you do that a professional suggests, but here are some safe and easy ways to get rid of the weeds from your lawn without needing to give your landscaper a call.

1. Use vinegar from your kitchen

Believe it or not, the gentle acidity of vinegar is enough to deter weeds from popping back up, and kill them on contact for a bit of time. You need to be careful with this method, because you don’t want to poison your desirable plants. Use a hand-held spray bottle to spray the undesirable weeds with the stuff and wait for magic to happen.

2. Boil up some water

If you ever have weeds constantly popping up through the cracks of your patio, driveway, or sidewalks, it’s important to deal with those quickly. If you don’t have a torch on hand, since not many people do anyway, you can boil some water instead. By dumping the water over the cracks in the pavement where weeds poke through, you’re killing them forever without damaging your concrete.

3. Fertilize with weed killer

Mixing specific weed killer into your fertilizer for large areas in desperate need of weeding can help you get the worst of it handled while also supporting healthy growth for your real plants and lawn. Once the killer has done it’s dirty work, you can go through and gently fake out the damage later.

4. Water your lawn and garden less

It’s a very difficult skill to master, watering your lawn. Too frequently, and you’re hurting your plants and encouraging weed growth. Not frequently or deeply enough and you’re letting everything die out, even the desirable growth. So how do you get around the difficulty?

Don’t water too much, and when you do water, make sure it’s a very deep, thorough one. This will give your important plants enough to work with to grow, but leave very little behind to nourish your weeds. Talk to your lawn care specialist or a fertilization and maintenance company to get a better idea of which sprinkler settings to use for weed control.

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