Mar 8, 2022

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What is Aeration and How Can it Help Your Lawn?

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Taking proper care of your lawn is about more than just mowing. As we head into the summer months, there are all kinds of things you should be taking into consideration. It’s important to make sure your lawn receives enough water, of course, and for that reason many homeowners or property managers choose to install sprinkler systems. You also want to make sure the good grass isn’t overtaken by weeds. Getting outside and pulling them up by hand is a daunting task, so weed control services can help you manage your lawn’s unwelcome intruders.


In addition to these services, however, we are currently in the middle of prime lawn aeration season. You may have heard about lawn aeration or seen a lawn that has had this service performed on it. But you may not be aware of exactly why this is so important, and what benefits it can have for your lawn. We’ll explain exactly what lawn aeration is and why you should consider it.


Lawn Aeration: The Process

Let’s begin by looking at exactly what happens during a lawn aeration.

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If you’ve ever seen a lawn with little dirt pellets scattered around through the grass, you were looking at a lawn that had been aerated. The process is simply that of creating holes in the soil. It may sound easy, but there’s a twist to it. Some homeowners try to do this with a spiked tool, simply driving it into the ground to create holes. That’s not the optimal method, though. For aeration to really work, you want to remove bits of soil, leaving holes behind.


A lawn company will perform aeration using a plug aerator, lifting small pellets of dirt from the ground and scattering them throughout your yard.


But why is this important?


Why Aerate Your Lawn?

The reason for lawn aeration is simple. Sometimes, over time, soil can become compacted, and that’s unhealthy for your grass, which needs to “breathe” just like you do. When the soil is compacted, it makes it difficult for water and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. Aeration loosens the soil by creating spaces so that it can expand. This allows the roots of your grass the breathing room they need and lets them have access to water and nutrients once again.


Prime aeration season is April and May, so make arrangements for your lawn’s aeration as soon as possible to enjoy maximum benefits.

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